Quartz countertop surfaces have become extremely popular for kitchens, bars, and laundry rooms. Reports indicate that there has been a sharp increase in sales of quartz material as of late.

In any case, for what reason are more mortgage holders and designers picking quartz over other materials? One of the many reasons is that quartz is snazzy and can be customized to meet anyone’s necessities. It arrives in a wide array of colors and patterns, which gives you a lot of design versatility. Quartz can be utilized for countertops as well as for creating an intricate backsplash, feature wall, shower wall, and more. The fact that this material can be designed into more slender slabs makes it fit in any event, for vertical tasks.

7 Most Popular quartz countertop patterns

1.         Calacatta Maximus

Calacatta Maximus’ surface is a combination of a white backdrop with a combination of warm neutral colors. The slab comes in both a natural and cleaned finish.

Calacatta Maximus has amazing larger than average veining cutting across the intricate slab terrain and set further in its cleaned finish. These veins are escalated by fine golden copper lines to add that lavish look to the surface, impeccably replicating natural mineral deposits.

2.         Arabetto

 Arabetto is one more popular quartz countertop pattern. It is off-white with a dynamic gray surface that changes colors in various lighting. This slab leaves a lasting impression with spots spanning its unadulterated white surface and the magnificent groups of gray stripes.

This countertop pattern interweaves dark gray, jade, and copper veins, giving the surface a lavish look. Arabetto mixes well with dark stainless steel or gold cabinets.

3.         Adamina

Adamina is a quartz pattern with an ultra-fine look from its light veining. This soft sandstone design recreates the tender touch of a serene desert or golden dune — light waves over its surface like a wave, mixing its natural beauty and composition into shades of taupe camouflaged by lavish earthy sands. This pattern has a natural completion and an enormous size.

4.         Aterra Blanca

Aterra Blanca is perhaps the most versatile and smooth material available. It can adapt to an alternate range of styles, including nation, classic, smooth, or minimal.

Driven by the strength and grace of natural marble, this is perhaps Caesarstone’s latest innovation. The slab has a cloudy and translucent white base that features delicate earthy veins traversing the whole surface.

5.         White Attica

Beautifully woven with warm and cool color plans is this magnificent stone pattern of quartz, White Attica. It features soft earthy colored tints that give your space sparkle.

The stone plays well with natural wood cabinetry and it fits totally in rooms painted with rich colors. Its rich grays and creams add elegance to the tough and sans-maintenance surface.

6.         Empire White

Another beautiful quartz countertop pattern is Empire White. It’s a soft, refined pattern with an unadulterated white base touched by shadows, development, and color.

This black veined stone inspires a space with an everlasting yet urban gleam. It’s versatile and reliable for both residential and commercial arrangements. It can fit pleasantly on bars, kitchens, and island countertops. This elegant material is always a great decision with its cleaned finish and guaranteed life span.

7. Haze

Haze is an exceptional quartz countertop pattern. Mid-toned gray blended in with unpretentious white bits works best in contrast to a light gray, white, or black color palette.

Haze is one of those patterns known to spice up a considerably dark room. It features an eye-catching rock look highlighted in popular white and gray shades. The design features cool shades that work entirely in various styles, from traditional to contemporary.

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