Your dog is your closest companion. Your cat is your constant companion. So on the off chance that you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel, doesn’t it make sense to factor in your fuzzy friends?

During our time of involvement designing kitchens, we’ve viewed that if you have pets, you’ll be happier with the end consequence of your kitchen remodel assuming you think about how your pet utilizes the space, too

From the start, that could sound outrageous- – after all, your cat doesn’t cook and your dog doesn’t do the dishes. However, these pet-friendly ideas are very practical and can help clean up and improve your kitchen.

Make your kitchen pet-friendly by using these design concepts:

1: An integrated dog crate or bed.

You could create a beautiful, streamlined kitchen and then, at that point, thud a major dog crate or bed down in the corner. Or, you could fabricate that dog crate or bed into the design so it’s both accessible and esthetically pleasing.

2: Food and water dishes that can be pulled out or hidden.

Food and water dishes are an essential kitchen accessory when you’re a pet proprietor – yet you don’t necessarily want them crowding up your space. And how many times have you accidentally pushed over the dog’s water bowl?! When you’re planning your kitchen redesign, ask your designer to create a spot for your pet’s food and water dishes, so they’re semi-hidden or can be concealed when not in use.

3: Laminate flooring

Make it easier to keep your kitchen looking new – pick laminate flooring. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t show scratches. Darker woods will show fur, so choose lighter wood if your pet sheds.

4: Rugs or runner

On the off chance that you have a large space, select a floor covering or sprinter to place where you won’t mind your dog or cat curling up and relaxing. This can assist with keeping them in sight, yet not underneath. It can also assist with protecting floors and holds smaller animals back from slipping on floor surfaces (while laminate is a great choice, it very well may be dangerous for little paws).

When you’re selecting a mat or sprinter, remember that you’ll want something that can be easily washed or spot cleaned and that darker colors will show pet fur more than lighter colors.

5: Surfaces and finishes that are pet-friendly.

While you could cherish the vibe of a waterfall countertop and high-gleam cabinets, consider how they’ll look canvassed in paw and nose prints left by your shaggy friend. To clean constantly, sharpened countertops and stained or painted cabinets are better wagers.

6: Trash cans that pull out.

Keep pets safe and decrease your chances of having to clean a major wreck: incorporate pull-out trash and recycling bins under your cabinets.

7: Culinary accessory

When you’re selecting kitchen hardware, stay away from anything with sharp edges or corners. Pick handles over pulls, so that paws can’t get found out, and avoid polished finishes, so you’re not constantly cleaning them.

8: Cleaning Supplies That Are Safe.

After you’ve finished your kitchen redesign, you’ll want to keep it looking like new. Many cleaning products aren’t pet-friendly, however, so take a couple of moments to overhaul your cleaning supplies and utilize just pet-friendly cleaners, similar to these. And on the off chance that you think that you don’t have to worry about what you use to clean your kitchen counters, this image will remind you of what you already suspect your cat does when you’re no more!

The best kitchen features to incorporate into your kitchen design aren’t about unambiguous styles or trends, they’re about how you utilize your kitchen and how you carry on with your life. That’s the reason, for certain mortgage holders, a pet-friendly kitchen is an ideal choice.

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