Modern farmhouse kitchen design is basic – – and that’s exactly where its beauty lies. The overall feel is calm, but the aesthetic makes an impact. In a fast-paced world, there’s a certain romance and nostalgia engaged with taking things back to the farm.

If you’re curious about the farmhouse look, consider this both your introduction and your aide.

Learn the fundamentals of the farmhouse kitchen.

The farmhouse look starts with a base of neutral, calming colors: white, gray, black, navy, and sage. These modern farmhouse kitchen colors give the backdrop to the materials that create the genuine farmhouse look: reclaimed, rustic wood; fashioned iron; metal; uncovered wood; greenery; and uncovered lights.

One of the most common and impactful components of a modern farm-style kitchen is a wood wall made with reclaimed wood or shiplap.

A modern farmhouse kitchen works with newer homes as well as homes with no specific style to them. The style is ideal for all budget levels – – it’s meant to be added onto and gathered, so it doesn’t need total financial speculation all at once.

The overall feel is soft yet substantial, clean yet comfortable. A modern farmhouse-style kitchen makes you want to sit and chat over a cup of coffee, or get to work making pancakes from scratch – – but is still ravishing to such an extent that you’ll tingle to have the following supper gathering.

Make a kitchen in the country style.

It’s easy to adopt the modern farmhouse style into your current kitchen if your kitchen style is straightforward. Shaker-style wood cabinetry and plain countertops loan themselves to farmhouse style, but if you have ornate beadboard cabinetry or a hood framed with corbels, it will be difficult to achieve the style you want.

The key to creating the farmhouse look that’s right for you is to start straightforward and incorporate the beautiful colors and surfaces of the modern farmhouse style until you have a mix and balance that feels right.

Peruse these modern farmhouse kitchen ideas and pick the components you like best (it’s okay to blend and match!).

To construct a changeable farmhouse-style kitchen…

  • Add a sisal sprinter to the kitchen floor
  • Accessorize with milk glass
  • Hang an antique farmhouse sign (we tracked down many tomfoolery signs and other accessories here)
  • Incorporate tons of plants and greenery
  • Replace existing seating with metal barstools

If you’re ready to commit to the farmhouse design but don’t want to commit to a full-on makeover…

  • Replace existing doors with sliding barn doors
  • Switch those standard light apparatuses to lantern pendant lights
  • Add a reclaimed wood or chalkboard paint accent wall
  • If you’re prepared to design the ultimate country kitchen…

To start with, conclude the degree of the farmhouse you crave – – farmhouse lite, mostly farm-y or full-on farmhouse? We have options for each.

Farmhouse Flair.

  • Cabinetry: Bright white cabinets with a shaker door style
  • Countertop: White quartz
  • Lighting: Arch pendant light
  • Décor: Sisal kitchen sprinter
  • Bar stools: Metal bar stools

Primarily Farm-y Kitchen.

  • Cabinetry: Gray cabinetry with slab door style (this also gives a more modern look)
  • Countertop: Quartz with marbling impact
  • Lighting: Uncovered Edison bulb pendants
  • Décor: Milk glass accessories
  • Bar stools: Reclaimed wood and metal bar stools

Completely Farmhouse.

  • Cabinetry: Navy base cabinetry and island, with a blend of white shaker-style kitchen cabinetry and floating racks for the walls
  • Countertop: Antique chestnut countertops
  • Lighting: Lantern pendant lights
  • Décor: Large antique farmhouse sign
  • Bar stools: Rustic turn bar stools

Can you go wrong with the modern farmhouse-style kitchen? We don’t think so. By layering components of the style, you can create a nuanced look that’s perfect for you, whether that means just a touch of farmhouse or going all-in with the look. Just leave the farm animals outside.

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