As the focal point of many living spaces, there are various reasons why you might be looking into painting your fireplace. Whether you’re installing another fireplace or revamping an original, there are several elements for you to consider while ensuring the task is finished correctly.

What Is the Best Paint for a Fireplace?

While selecting your fireplace paint, you ought to consider choosing paints that can withstand high temperatures, for example, semi-shine, gleam, or flat paint. This will guarantee that when your fireplace is in use, it won’t think twice about the paintwork.

1. Fireplaces made of brick.

Brick fireplaces are brimming with character and texture providing a stand-out feature to any space. On the off chance that you’re looking to enhance this feature with fireplace paint, you want to use a single shade of the type mentioned above, but it will also be necessary to use groundwork and sealer.

2. Marble Fireplaces

Marble is frequently used to create a mesmerizing and elegant fireplace. As an often costly material, replacing it doesn’t come cheap and therefore a bit of Do-It-Yourself with fireplace paint can be a favored method while looking to revamp your marble fireplace. Latex-based paint or chalk paint is best while painting the marble. Although you are probably going to lose the natural stone finish while painting marble fireplaces, it is possible to finish off your fireplace paintwork with marble-effect paint.

3. Stone.

Stone fireplaces make for a strong and striking centerpiece in a living space. While painting a granite or limestone fireplace, it’s the same as a brick fireplace in that it requires cleaning beforehand and along with the paint you must apply a preliminary and a sealer.

4. Wood-burning.

The absolute most long-standing and traditional fireplaces are made from wood. The beauty of painting your wood fireplace is that you have considerably more versatility in terms of paint tone and finish. From matt to satin, you can let your creative flair free as you get stuck into this latest Do-It-Yourself project. It’s important to note that chalk or wood paint is most suitable for wood fireplaces.

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