To make sure that you get the most out of your new countertops, you ought to be essentially as prepared as possible for installation day. This article includes everything to expect from a professional installer on the day you receive your countertops.

The last touches

After you select the type of granite that you need, there are a few ultimate conclusions to make, like picking the edge profile or backsplash design. After you make these decisions, the installers will come to your home and measure the surface. From that point, they’ll provide a custom surface or a countertop that has been pre-sliced to the correct dimensions.

How not to respond

Many people get new cabinetry around the same time as their new countertops, yet it’s essential not to introduce those new cabinets excessively close to the countertop installation date. Before the countertop can be installed, all cabinets should be set in place and finalized. Assuming you attempt to paint or stain cabinets over your countertop material, you could damage your pristine stone.

The last step before installation

The last step before installation is getting a visit from a countertop templater. They need a clear surface to work with, so make sure to clear your countertops of all clutter. When they arrive, they’ll love to answer any lingering questions you could have about the installation process.

Data for the templater

When the templater arrives, there are things they’ll need to be aware of. For example, you’ll need to give them all the necessary data about faucet holes, sinks, cooktops, or other patterns that will be added to your countertop.

Additionally tell them about seams, overhangs, and other details they ought to be aware of. During their visit, they will finalize this data. On the off chance that you’re picking backsplash, they’ll come back after the installation is over and take wall measurements then.

During installation

Granite installation can be a messy process. You ought to expect noise, residue, and people strolling through. To make things easier on the installers, clear away between the entryway of your home and the room where the countertops are going.

During installation, it’s best to remain present in the event decisions have to be made — yet remember to avoid the way decently well. You can in any case supervise, however, give the installers the space that they need to work, especially while they’re conveying heavy pieces of granite.

If there’s anything you would rather not get messy, like cutlery or dishes, you ought to remove it from the kitchen. Likewise, installers might need to access the countertop from underneath, so it’s best to empty the cabinets under your sink and cooktop.

Your granite installation

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