It’s not always easy to think of design ideas for your home. Knowing a couple of basic hacks that you can easily carry out in any space will make all the distinction. From laying down a large rug to adding wall panels, there are so many straightforward and savvy design ideas you can execute at your home.

1. Place big rugs down for design.

Laying down large rugs instantly makes rooms look larger. They are also a great way to make a strong space, as in a lounge area. Putting a large rug down under your feasting table will instantly create a “room”, especially in an open idea home.

Rugs also cozy up a room thanks to their finished features. They also hold furniture back from slipping and shield hardwood floors from damage.

2. Install wall panels.

Adding wall panels is another easy way to elevate the vibe of your home. On the off chance that you’re feeling quite adventurous, this could also be a fun Do-It-Yourself project!

Once these are installed, paint them and your walls at the same time. You can select to do the full walls in a single solid tone, or on the other hand on the off chance that you’re installing paneling on the bottom part of your walls, you can pick to paint them white. There are so many possibilities and no set-in-stone way.

3. Construct a focal wall.

Rather than painting all of the walls in a room, you can select to paint only one wall, creating a feature wall. Make this the wall that you want to call attention to. For example, in a living room, place your television on the feature wall; in a bedroom, make the feature wall the wall you place your bed on.

This also allows you to select a bold tone, such as navy blue or dark green, that would otherwise make a room look small whenever utilized on all of the walls.

4. Make Good Use of Lighting

With regards to lighting, there are so many various choices. If you want to add volume to a space and make utilization of vertical space, one idea is to hang pendant lights. Installing them at eye-level increases the deception of level.

Fun lighting installations that make a bold statement are also an easy way to change the vibe of any room.

Lighting is also one way to cozy up space around evening time, especially in a reading nook or living room.

5. Refinish Old Furniture for design.

Who said that you need to purchase new furniture pieces? All you need is a can of paint and you can instantly transform old, dated pieces into the present day, stylish furniture.

Another basic hack is to purchase strip-and-stick wallpaper in fun prints and apply it to the beyond racks and drawers. There are so many retailers selling easy-to-install wallpaper these days. Do a web-based search and you’ll see all of the fun choices available to you.

Since the wallpaper is strip and stick, it’s a lot easier to apply than traditional wallpaper.

And there you have it! Five straightforward hacks to transform and elevate your space in a matter of seconds.

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