Shine Your Countertops with Excellent Finishing

Shine Your Countertops with Excellent Finishing

Polished finishing

General finishing that is done for shinny and glowing countertops on natural stones. It happens with grinding and sanding with buffing the glamorous stone in silk and smooth texture

Honed finishing

Honed is matte finishing stone. Removing reflective shine it gives out the smooth and porous surface look. It is best used for marbles countertops like marble kitchen countertops, marble bathroom countertops, and marble flooring, marble staircase in Montreal. It is also used on granite and quartz countertop

Flamed finishing

If a customer needs the rough surface then we do so by thermal finishing in which stone is exposed to fire that bursts the stone and making its rough surface and shows the inner beauty of the stone. It is done on granite and limestone.

Leather finishing

If a customer wants matte finishing then we apply the leather finishing after honed finishing done with diamond brushes. This finishing is recommended for dark shades stones.

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