A kitchen or restroom plan or redesign includes numerous choices. Introducing Granite countertops has two advantages and disadvantages, so consider the full picture cautiously as you settle on your plan choices.

Granite counters have an extraordinary life span, so if you pick Granite, anticipate that they should rearward in your home for a long time.

Pros of Granite Countertops

On the off chance that Granite accommodates your spending plan, the advantages of Granite proliferate when you pick it’s anything but a countertop material for your home.

Exceptional Tones 

No single clump of Granite pieces is similar to some other and various tones and examples are accessible. The shading alternatives and uniqueness of Granite empower you to have an individual countertop that will not exist elsewhere.


The strength of Granite makes it an engaging countertop material. Granite is hard, which makes it hard to scratch under ordinary day-to-day environments. The solitary material hard enough to scratch Granite is another piece of Granite or a jewel.


Upkeep of Granite isn’t convoluted or tedious. Cleaning Granite for the most part includes a delicate hand cleanser and water to keep it shimmering.

Secure the outside of the Granite by fixing it once in 3 years. The use of the sealant isn’t troublesome. With a viable sealant covering the Granite, the surface ought to repulse stains. There are a few normal Granite sealers from rumored organizations like DuPont that offer long-term stain insurance.

Cons of Granite Countertops

Investigate the disadvantages of Granite before settling on an official conclusion to guarantee that you know countertop potential constraints and negatives.

Cost of Granite Countertops

The expense of Granite can settle on it a restrictive decision for certain buyers. The expense per square foot of some colorful Granite establishments can be up to $150. On the low finish of the value scale, Granite costs start at roughly $39 per square foot. There is a wide variety in the cost, and for the most part, it goes from $45 to $75 for alluring tones.


Granite is a normally permeable material. This porosity focuses on fixing to secure the Granite surface. If you permit the sealant to wear ragged, you may see stains happening in the Granite. You should enlist an expert to eliminate stains on the off chance that they happen. This issue can be settled by utilizing long-term insurance sealants.


The significant burden of Granite can make it important to build up overhangs past 8 inches. Cupboards may require additional help introduced underneath the counter to help the heaviness of Granite countertops, requiring the administrations of expert establishment organizations.


Granite chunks are accessible around 115″ length by 70″ tallness. Contingent upon the format of your counter region, almost certainly, you will have a few creases in the Granite. Some Granite plans cover creases more promptly than others. This is rather than the strong surface countertops that needn’t bother with creases because the material is synthetic and is poured to shape the countertops.

Lifespan of Granite Countertops

Granite counters can endure forever, can outlast the house they are introduced into. While this could be an advantage for mortgage holders who don’t need to spend once more, a few property holders should think about it as a drawback of Granite.

With a cautious survey of both the advantages and disadvantages of Granite, you can settle on an educated choice that will be ideal for your way of life and your home.

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